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This page has a listing of popular ONC day tours. This info is for personal day tour and as a resource for leaders.


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In addition to the maps listed here the State ONC site (listed above) has links to a nubmer of maps.

Leader Day Tour Listing

This section is focused on tour leaders but if you are looking for a personal tour you may peruse this to get ideas. The starting point is Day Tours which provides a brief description of the most popular day tours we lead. The table below has a collection of PowerPoint files for a number of day tours Scott Diamond has lead. Feel free to steal/edit these for any tour you lead.

Pocket Creek Loop BEG/INT 5.9mi
rev03 I love this loop. Warm up by heading out on pocket creek road and have fun skiing back on the tie trail
Pocket Creek Teacup BEG/INT ~9mi
rev01 Another Pocket Creek tour. This time take the tie trail out of Pocket creek to Teacup and then take Pocket creek road back in
West Leg Rd INT 11mi, 1,800 ft rev01 Ski up West Leg road to Timberline, have hot chocolate and zoom back down
Still Creek INT 13mi, -2000 ft rev02 Car shuttle to take rarely skied Still creek road from Trillium to Rhododendren
Trillum & Mud Creek Loop INT 5-11 mi
rev02 One of the most popular beginner tours on Hood. With the exception of the initial drop, this is an easy tour which still allows skiing a long distance.
Government Camp Encirclement INT 12mi
rev03 Have a ski adventure without leaving Government camp. This tour connects together a number of fun trails.
Bennett Pass Loop INT ~9mi
rev03 Out across the terrrible traverse and then drop to pocket creek trail for a long, exciting tour
Twin Lakes INT 10.7mi-300ft rev01 The quintisential Mount Hood Intermediate day tour. Do this tour after a fresh snowfall
Pocket/Bennett INT 12mi
rev03 Connect together two great tour areas
Turning Yellow ADV 12mi
rev02 Take on the Yellow Jacket trail and ski some rarely used trails on this long loop.
Cooper Spur ADV 10mi
rev07 Break out the Telemark skis and visit Tilly Jane A shelter and explore the bowls above treeline at Cooper Spur.
Wy'East ADV 18mi
rev04 The big one. String together most of the trails on Mt. Hood in one day as you ski from Ski Bowl to Pocket Creek.

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