Day Tour Overview

This page provides information for any attendees of an ONC Winter Day Tour (Meetup or otherwise).


It's important that our organizer's time and effort in planning events is respected and appreciated. Respecting your RSVP also ensures that all of our members have access to our tours that may otherwise fill up. We document no shows for events and this will impact your acceptance for future events.

Tour Difficulty

It is always difficult to communicate the difficulty of a tour. In an effort to address this, the website has guidelines for trip ratings. These rating are a starting point. If you are uncertain then we strongly encourage you to contact the tour lead (it is much easier to sort this out before the trip than on the trail).

What to Bring

Let's start with the 10 Essentials. This is list of items which we recommend every participant carry (not just the tour leader). For clothing please look at what to wear. For the vast majority of our tours you need to have skis beforehand (we don't have time to stop and rent skis on the way). If you need to rent equipment please see Rentals and Retailers.


Lack of snow worthy vehicles is a growing issue for the club and board is reviewing options to change our policy (reference). The ONC carpool policy is:

Each passenger contributes 15 cents per mile. For three or more passengers, the maximum total contribution by all passengers is limited to 45 cents per mile.

Typical carpool cost per person for Mt. Hood is $18 for Government camp to $25 to Teacup (via Hood River). Please respect this policy by paying your drivers prior to their prompting.


Dogs are only allowed on a few ONC trips. If you don't see dogs allowed on the trip write-up then please don't bring your dog (you will not be allowed to ski with the group).


For a general overview we recommend NOAA Cascades Zone forecast. If you want to see webcams then Amar Andalkar's Ski Mountaineering and Climbing Site has the best selection. While not relevant to the vast majority of trips, avalanche hazards can be checked at Northwest Avalanche Center