Trail Etiquette


 1. Match your abilities and experience with your trip plans and the difficulty of the ski trail.

 2. Carry skis vertically to avoid injuring others.

 3. Avoid walking on the ski tracks; it ruins the track for other skiers. Snowshoers and snow players may not be aware they are damaging the ski tracks. Politely ask them to stay on one side of the trail and out of the ski track. Thank them for doing so.

 4. Respect one-way Trail marking signs.

 5. Keep to the right when meeting an oncoming skier.

 6. On hills yield the right of way to the descending skier. If there is only one track, step out of it and provide a clear path without damaging the continuity of the ski track.

 7. Announce your intention to pass when going around skiers.

 8. If there is more than one set of tracks, ski in the right-hand track.

 9. Step off the trail when stopping.

10. When you fall, fill in your divots (holes in the snow made from your fall) to avoid trapping other skiers in your hole and repair the continuity of the ski track.

11. Respect the right of others to use the trails, even if they are using them for a different activity.

12. Respect the peace and quiet of the natural landscape. Do not disturb other people or wildlife, except to solicit help in an emergency situation.

13. If an accident occurs, everyone present should render any needed assistance. Refer to the leader for direction on what to do. Witnesses should establish their identity.

14. DO NOT LITTER. Carry out your litter and that of others. Remember, any item you leave behind decays very little over the winter months. Keep the ski tracks clean.

15. When “nature calls,” choose an isolated area away from the trail. Bury solid waste and pack out dirty toilet paper in a sealed plastic bag.

16. At the parking lot, park your vehicle without blocking other vehicles. Parking is often limited, use the space wisely.