Leader Information for Day Tours

So you’d like to lead a day tour? Great we would love to have more people leading tours. It is a fun way to meet people while enjoying the sport you love.

Who Can Lead a Tour
You do not have to be an expert skier to lead a tour. Tour leaders can span the range of abilities. What is important is that the group is safe. Given this, we do not want people to lead a tour without some sort of vetting process. If you’d like to lead a tour then please contact ONCDayTour@gmail.com. We’ll discuss your qualification, possible locations to ski, and get you leading as soon as appropriate.

One method we’ve found very effective in leading a tour is have you co-lead one or two tours first. This is a good way to get a sense for how the club is organized but without the pressure of being the leader.

Mechanics of Leading
There are many steps to successfully leading a day tour (which is why we like to recommend co-leading) but on this page I’ll list the basic mechanics. When you are ready to lead the first step in the process is to submit a Day Tour Input Form. This form asks all the questions we need to know in order to post your tour. Note part of this form talks about Meetup. In addition to the ONC-PDX website some portion of our day tours are posted in our ONC-PDX Meetup page. There is no requirement to post your tour to Meetup but it recruits participants from a larger audience (and hopefully builds the club). When you lead the tour, the most important thing is to make sure you get the Activity Waiver signed by all participants. After your tour, we like to solicit input on how the tour went so please send your participants the Day Tour Feedback Form link.

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