Volunteer Opportunities

This is copied from a forum post in December of 2017.

Short Term Projects These are projects you can take on and then not repeat.

  • Bus Trip- Wouldn't it be great to have a member appreciation day, rent a bus and head up as a group to ski on Mount Hood? Well we need someone to make this happen. There are a lot of options here. One location? Point to point ski? Maybe have the Mazama's prepare a lunch or ... maybe turn it into a two day trip and spend the night a the Mazama lodge.
  • Ski for the Blind- In the past a number of our members have volunteered at Teacup's Washington State School for The Blind. How about seeing if we can get ten to twenty of us to participate this year! It is March ever year. Let's do this.
  • Leadership Training- We'd like to recruit new leaders and improve the skills of all our leaders. The last time we had leadership training was almost 2 years ago. We've identified March of 2018 to conduct this again. We could use your assistance developing this and helping with the logistics.
  • Publicity/Article- In the past local papers have had articles on cross country skiing. Can someone contact the Oregonian, Willamette Week, Mercury or other with story ideas and see if we could get them to run with it.
  • New Members- How do we get new members? What has been effective? We'd like a volunteer to analyze the membership data, maybe conduct surveys and maybe assist in projects for recruiting new members.
  • Mazama Ski School Liaison- There is a natural tie in with our club and the Mazama nordic school. Last year we offered ONC membership to everyone the completed the Mazama school. What more could we do to tie in the two clubs?
On Going We can always use people for these volunteer activities
  • Day Tours- Can you have too many day tours? If interested in leading a tour see Leader Information for Day Tours
  • Trail Tending- OK, pretty much just a summer activity but when it comes up it would be great if you could volunteer to keep our trails in order.
  • Tilly Jane- Again not a year round task but typically 2-3 times a year there is a need for volunteers.
Longer Term/Committee These volunteer activities are longer term
  • Board Member- Some seats open every year (in March). This is a great way to get involved in the club.
  • Facebook- We have an ONC - Portland Chapter Facebook page. I've been running it for a few years. I'd love some help and some new ideas. Want to move this page to a group? Got other ideas of how we can make the page more fun?
  • Volunteer Coordinator- The board feels we could do aa better job communicating volunteer opportunities. How about someone being a volunteer coordinator? We could work out what this would entail but probably keeping a list of volunteer opportunities and connecting to interested members.