News from the Cabin Spring 2015 volume 5

This was one of the poorest winters in recent memory!  Mt Hood ended up with roughly 9% of average snow for the year.  I led the January maintenance club weekend trip and while there was some snow from top to bottom, we still had to walk up.  Once at cabin elevation there was roughly a foot of hard pack, with more accumulation as you went higher.  This was probably the zenith of the season for snow depth at the cabin unless you were one of the few who lucked out and hit a snow event.  I missed one of those by one week!  Generally, what snow fell this year, fell at higher elevation.  We can only hope, this isn’t a harbinger of things to come!


The cabin still enjoyed strong weekend and holiday usage but was less busy mid-week than years past.  I can only surmise that this was due to the lack of snow.  While it may not have been as cold and wintery as in years past, we’re still on track to burn most of this year’s wood supply.  I’m thinking that the new fire pit got a lot of use this season!  It also helps me forecast how much wood to purchase for next season.


Overall, you’re doing a great job of locking up all the tools including the axes and packing out all the trash before securing the structure upon your departure.  I’d ask that if you find that someone didn’t carry out all their stuff, please lend a hand, and carry as much out as you can.  We also had one incident with the woodstove.  I received a report that the door glass was broken.  I was able to secure a new glass panel ($110) and got someone to carry it up and install it.  While the glass is tempered, it’s NOT indestructible.  Please do not leave the woodstove door open (it doesn’t generate more heat), be careful when closing the door and avoid spilling water on the door.   The replacement panels aren’t cheap and the stove doesn’t really work well without it.  Thanks in advance for your help on this front.


I’m starting to think about and plan for this year’s drive up season and our upcoming work weekends.  They are scheduled for July 11th and October 3rd.  Plans for the July date include: “smoothing” out the trail between the campground and the cabin.  The goal here is to allow for better cart access for the annual wood haul.  The wood carts take a beating so we’d like to prolong their life by working on the trail.  We’ll also be re-glazing the cabin windows and performing other needed maintenance.  Finally, the October 3 weekend will be the annual wood haul and stacking party.  The cabin will be closed to reservations but will be open to volunteers to stay over for both weekends.  Please mark your calendars and plan on coming up and helping at one or both events.  Save the date e-mails will be sent about 4 weeks before each work party.  They are fun ways to show your support and give back to the cabin!


Finally, I’d like to share some news concerning a project that the Forest Service is beginning to plan for.  They are working on a Tilly Jane Hazardous Fuels Reduction project.  The purpose of the project is to remove ladder fuel on 34 acres within and around the Tilly Jane Campground including the A-Frame, Guard Station, Cook Shed and Amphitheater areas.  It should serve to protect the historic site from a large scale disturbance.  Click here to learn more about the project.



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