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The Tilly Jane J A-Frame is located at 5700 feet on the North slope of Mt Hood within the Tilly Jane Historic District. This area has been included within the National Historic Register and encompasses The Tilly Jane A-Frame, Cook Shed/Amphitheater, Guard Station, Tilly Jane J Campground, Cloud Cap Inn, Snowshoe Hut and the Wagon Trail. This was the first area to be developed on Mt Hood and as such has a rich history of early settlement. Fast forward to today……the Northeast side of the mountain serves the backcountry user community including hikers, snowshoers and skiers with limited commercial activities; this is the side of the mountain for those of us seeking a more primitive experience!

As of this writing, the Portland chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club has managed the cabin for 4 years and has just entered into a long term lease (5 years) to continue its management. The Guard Station is also managed by the Oregon Nordic Club, although the Gorge Chapter maintains the lease and management duties for this structure. Both clubs attempt to coordinate different work parties including the annual wood haul and stacking party, held on the first Saturday in October.

The Portland chapter of the ONC is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization and is committed to rehabilitating and maintaining the cabin. To this end, we have agreed to hold all monies associated with the rental, donations and grant funding in TRUST for the EXCLUSIVE use of all cabin maintenance and rehabilitation needs. So, ALL FUNDS GENERATED BY THE CABIN OR FOR THE CABIN WILL GO BACK TO THE CABIN. They will NOT be used for any other purpose!

Cabin rental fees have not increased since we began charging per person user fees. We hope to avoid increasing these rental charges BUT the cabin’s needs are great! An assessment was completed back in 2003. At that time, rehabilitation costs were estimated at 250K-320K. The Forest Service has many competing interests and hasn’t invested in the upkeep and maintenance of the cabin as their funding has dwindled. The only way the cabin will be maintained and rehabilitated is through the efforts of people like you and me!

Call to Action:

This is the only cabin on Mt Hood located close to tree line and available year around for rental to the general public. It’s truly a treasure and needs YOUR HELP! Whether you donate your time and energy by volunteering to help with maintenance work weekends or renting the cabin (remember, all money will be used to maintain and rehab the cabin) – it needs more help in the form of CASH DONATIONS!

Please donate to the cause! Cash is accepted at the cabin by dropping it in the fee box located below the sign board OR donate through PayPal. It’s easy and painless.

Please do your part to help rehabilitate the cabin! Every bit helps!

Oregon Nordic Club