Overnight Trip Policies

Required Waiver for Overnight Trip Participation

1. Only Oregon Nordic Club members may participate on ONC-PDX overnight trips, even if it is a trip for which no money is collected. Non-members may join the club when signing up for an overnight trip. The membership fee can be paid at this time. The only exceptions are overnight trail tending work parties and Tilly Jane Club weekends, which are open to volunteers on those projects.

2. Overnight trip sign-ups are done online at the club website here. The website will begin accepting applications at noon on the day following the October general meeting.  Once accepted, the participant will receive a confirmation email from the trip leader.  To complete the sign-up process, the member must also email their completed Overnight Trip Application to the trip leader. The on-line booking system may show that trips are full before they actually are.  If this is the case, members should contact the leader to confirm the trip status. Members are encouraged to apply to the wait list by sending the leader a copy of their completed application with a check for the amount of the trip. Their check will be held by the leader until a spot opens up and if not, the leader will destroy the check and notify the applicant.

3. Restrictions on participation may apply to some trips based on the participant’s ability and experience needed to safely execute the trip. The trip leader has the authority to make this determination for the safety of all trip participants. The trip leader may also limit participation based on accommodations.

4. If a trip is full, participants may choose to be placed on the wait list, if an application is submitted with the trip fee. If space becomes available, wait list participants may then choose to fill the space or decline. If participation is declined the full payment is refunded.

5. If canceling, contact the trip leader immediately. There may be a wait list.
6. Participants are responsible for finding a replacement which may include contacting people on the wait list.
7. Trip fees and deposits are non-refundable, unless a replacement is found. Commercial travel insurance is highly recommended.
8. Once a replacement is found, the participant must send written/email refund request to the overnight trip committee. When the replacement has been confirmed and payment received, a refund will be issued within 30 days, less $10 administration fee.
9. If the club cancels the trip, the full amount paid will be refunded. Trip cancellations are decided by the Overnight Trip Committee.

Commercial travel insurance is available from a variety of providers. Please see Trip Insurance for the current listing of some trip insurance companies.